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Cardboard boxes
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This series contains two types of boxes: 
The RPO collection - cardboard boxes with modern floral print. These are available in two colours: white and cream and are designed for keeping earrings
The RSO collection - cardboard boxes with a classical model, made of a structured material with delicate stripes. The interior of these boxes is of white sponge.
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Red or blue boxes with golden or silver ribbons on the lid. The interiors are made of velvet sponge and very useful from the smallest box to the set box as the interiors can be used for earrings, rings, pendant, chains, bracelets or delicate or massive silver sets. Prices are very accessible.
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The EC collection has a very elegant aspect due to the colour combination between red and beige and
the beige silk ribbon on the cover.
These boxes are a perfect presentation for silver or gold jewellery.
The interiors with a white soft cushion have insertions for earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and sets.
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This is one of the most beautiful collections. The lid of the box is white-opal with red silky ribbon and the base of the box is pearly red. Due to their design the boxes are suitable for silver jewelries that are given in spring with the 1st of March or 8th of March occasion. The interiors are white with the sponge dressed in velvet.
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This is one of the most elegant cardboard collections. The boxes are mauve with the opal ribbon on the lid, the interiors are made of velvet white sponge. The set box is quite big. The boxes for chains/pendant have the pendant-fixing item. Also, the bracelet box is suitable for longer bracelets.
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This is the window cardboard collection. The boxes are blue and due to the window we can see the jewelries inside the box. The interior is made of sponge dressed in white velvet for the rings or for the set but the universal box has satin interior.
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Extremely elegant, the boxes from this collection are red with white, with white silky ribbon on the lid. They are suitable for silver or even golden jewelries that are given anytime but especially for Christmas or in March.
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THH Collection is elegant and suitable for silver jewelries. The boxes are mauve, with a taint of silver. On the lid they have opal silky ribbon with mauve velvet. The interiors are covered with white velvet with inserts for sets, earrings, chains with pendant, bracelets and rings.
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The boxes are made of pearly white cardboard, with the lid a little bit arched. The interior contains a white small pillow, as a support for bracelets or watches.
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Red, golden, silver boxes with golden and silver ribbons.